'TEARS OF THE VICTOR' [Dir. Whitehall + Brucke, 2015, 19:41 min, b/w]

‘Tears of the Victor’ portrays a black tale of emotional ruin between a Husband and Wife, set amidst their relationship breakdown.

Adapted from familiar tropes to explore the darker side of love, this film presents a sinister homage to Richard Condie’s 1985 animated classic: ‘The Big Snit’. But here, external chaos is absent - only conjugal conflict exists, staged within the theatre of contempt.

Produced and created by artist collaborators WHITEHALL + BRUCKE, their first collaborative film effort borrows from a host of groundbreaking cinematic traditions. Shot on 16mm and 4k, it juxtaposes the rich texture of analogue and the taut austerity of digital.

This neo-Noir story posits itself within the larger canon of Expressionist cinema, thrusting the femme fatale and a hapless antagonist into a pivotal battle of attrition.