'The Refuge of II' marks the first collaborative photo series by WHITEHALL and BRUCKE.

This portrait series and video presentation was part of CONTACT 2014 Open Exhibitions, and chronicles an acute fascination with tragedy, love, loss, and the inevitable. These rich black and white portraits examine the identities of two lovers both physical and metaphoric, framed within the chaos of war.

The short video piece, augmented by an evocative soundscape, place these lovers within the universal story of human conflict and contextualize the narrative. Brucke’s edit pays tribute to wartime photographic works, from seminal artists like Matthew Brady and Don McCullin, and references documentary combat war footage to stage these two characters in their traumatic demise.

Ultimately, in the final portrait, the earth envelops these lovers, setting the stage for an organic burial, locked in an eternal embrace.

Gallery space kindly provided by
Hilditch Architect, 401 Richmond St., Toronto